My Favourite Things

Every year around Christmas time, I get so excited to see Oprah’s Favourite Things. She used to do this on her television show but now does it in her magazine. She outlines her favourite products as gifts for the holidays but I usually can’t afford almost all of them. It’s so nice to look through the beautiful things though.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I’d create a list of my favourite things that I have used during my pregnancy. Some were given as gifts and some I just bought myself. Please know that I am not any type of influencer so I haven’t been paid by ANY of these companies to show you any of this.

These are just my favourite products and some are pregnancy-related and some are not. Hopefully, you will find something in here to give to a pregnant friend, a Mama, or just something to buy for yourself.

These are the products that have put a smile on my face even after vomiting for a lot of my pregnancy. Haha! These are also in no particular order.

  1. A Subscription Service

Throughout my pregnancy, I have spent a lot of time (especially in my first trimester) watching television. One of my friends bought me a subscription to Amazon Prime Originals and I absolutely love it! Ask around and see what subscription service the soon-to-be-mama does not have. Netflix, Crave, Amazon, Hayu (Reality TV), Apple TV, and Disney Plus, are great ideas. 

  1. Uber Eats

Now I would suggest getting a meal-delivery kit but during my first two trimesters, most foods made me gag. It took everything in me to eat and at one point the OB suggested that I just eat whatever I was craving because I couldn’t keep anything down. I had so many food aversions (especially to any form of meat). Plus, I was getting sick so much that preparing a meal became an arduous task. 

One of my friends gave me a gift certificate to uber eats (you can send an e-card online) and it was so nice! Most places all over the world have uber eats but just google it and double-check that it is in your area. You could also buy a giftcard to Foodora and/or Skipthedishes as well.

  1. Maternity Shirt from GAP

The other day I was at the Diabetes Clinic and I walked by a woman who was wearing the same shirt as me. We instantly stopped in the hallway and discussed how much we loved the shirt. They have very low stock of it at GAP right now so if it isn’t available, try something with the same material.

The material is so soft and we both said that it has been our most favourite shirt to wear while pregnant. You feel like you are wearing the softest pyjamas of life.

  1. Pyjamas, Robe, and/or Slippers from GAP

I keep buying these pyjamas for everyone (pregnant Mamas and my family/friends). Search out the material called “modal.” The material is a LIFE CHANGER. It is the softest material that I have ever worn in my life.

They have the modal material for t-shirts, lounge pants, robes, and pyjamas. 

Just buy them. They will be the softest thing you ever own. I will give you a warning though, they are not flattering. If possible buy them in dark colours because the light colours show everything. If you care more about comfort and less about pyjamas that flatter your body, these are the ones to buy.

  1. Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

When I was pregnant, my sister bought me a pair of these jeans and I fell in love. They also have them in “tall” if you are 5’10 like me. They come in three different panels (I had no idea what this meant when I was first pregnant). It basically refers to where you want the elastic band to be. Do you want your belly fully covered, somewhat covered or not really covered at all?

Right now I am wearing the “full panel” because it covers my entire stomach. I found that this meant they were less likely to fall down. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on jeans, wait for these to go on sale (sometimes at half price). They have just the right amount of spandex in them to be stylish and comfortable.

  1. Why Am I So Obsessed with Lotion?

I have never been so obsessed with lotion in my life. My skin is dry AF and I don’t know if it is just because of the winter weather or if my pregnancy has changed my skin. Normally, I just lather on Nivea Body Lotion (for extra dry skin), but now I want something a little stronger.

At night, I use Palmer’s Stretch Mark Lotion (it was an amazing gift from a friend). I am not really sure if it is helping my stretch marks to disappear as I have spotted some. It just feels really good on my belly. 

I am also obsessed with different hand creams and received some as a gift that I adore. Highly recommend using these as a special treat.

  1. Fab Fit Fun Box or Self Care Box

After my friend had her baby, I signed up for FabFitFun and sent her the box in the mail. She called in tears and said it was the perfect gift. Use a different email address and find a really good deal so that it doesn’t cost you too much. They advertise that it is $49.99 but that is in the U.S. and you also have to pay for shipping. It can soon turn into something like $89.00. Just be sure to get a deal. FabFitFun has a bunch of full-size products in a box so it actually becomes a very substantial gift.


This was by far the best gift I received during my pregnancy. My friend created this amazing box with all of her favourite items (her own FabFitFun box). She put together her essential items that helped her through her pregnancy. Now, this gift was massive and you don’t need to do something this complex. Just create some sort of self-care package – face masks, magazines, lotions, etc.

  1. Gift Cards

Although I do have benefits for some things through my work, I have already gone through most of my allocated allowances for some of these amazing things (chiro/massage). I highly recommend giving a gift card for a chiropractor (I see mine weekly right now because of sciatica), massages (there are so many weird pains throughout the body while pregnant), facials, and manicures/pedicures.

If you don’t know what the person may want, you can always go with a WaySpa gift card (available for a lot of different spas). Before you buy a Wayspa gift card, google the places you can use it. I know in Toronto there are a lot of good places but I have googled it in smaller towns and they don’t have a great list. So if you know of a place the mama-to-be loves, get a gift card to that specific place to allow her to do some pampering.

  1. Lounge Pants

My friend sent me these and we can’t stop texting one another about how much we love these. When I first started asking people for maternity clothing suggestions, this was at the top of the list. 

These lounge pants are the best because they are soft and they have a panel that will hide your bump at any stage. You can decide how much of your bump you want to cover up. You can even decide to not have it cover up anything.

These are also supposed to make great hospital pants, postpartum pants because they are so comfortable and can be covering as much/as little (depending on a c-section or a natural delivery) of your stomach as possible.

  1. Survival Kit

This is different from the self-care kit because it contains everything that you may need that has to deal with the medical side of things.

I highly recommend buying Tylenol, Benadryl (I took it for my cold), Kleenex, Tums, Preparation H, Nipple Cream, Adult Underwear, Stretch Mark Cream, Imodium, Lotion, and Lip Chap. If you want to make it even more special, buy a cute little hospital bag to put all of these items in. These are all items that I have used/will be using during my pregnancy/delivery.

  1. Expecting Better by Emily Oster

Pregnant Mamas talk about this book all the time. During pregnancy, most women start to become a little anxious (or a lot anxious if you are me). Can I drink a glass of champagne at a wedding? Can I drink coffee? What are the chances of me having a miscarriage?  Can I colour my hair? All of these questions are outlined in this book. I found that if I googled the questions, there were so many answers and about 99.9% of the answers were on the conservative side. 

This book takes in a lot of research and looks at what is recommended today. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  1. Pregnancy Journal, Baby Book, or Picture Frame of Ultrasound

Be careful with this one because you don’t want the mama to be to receive too many of these. You also may want to get her this as soon as she announces she is pregnant (before she buys one of her own). 

Find something that is gender-neutral and spend the extra money to make it a really special book.

My sister got me a Pregnancy Journal Book that I absolutely adore. Throughout my pregnancy, I have tracked everything and have attached so many amazing pictures. I have heard that once the baby comes, it is really hard to track everything and that this can seem time-consuming. Nevertheless, I bought myself a book from MushyBooks. I can’t say enough about this Canadian company because they make books for couples, same-sex parents, single moms, etc. They recognize that the term “family” is changing and I have a special page in my book that has my donor’s information.

  1. Gift Card for Maternity Clothes

You still want to look presentable during your pregnancy which is why you may want to spend a bit of money on maternity clothes.

Just before the first snowfall, my sister presented me with this amazing maternity jacket for my birthday. It is from Motherhood Maternity and I have fallen in love with it. It has an extra flap that you can put in when the bump gets bigger. There are so many coats that can make you feel like a snowman because it is so baggy but this coat makes me feel amazing.

  1. Something Sentimental

The other night my colleagues/friends presented me with this beautiful ornament. It took everything in me not to cry. When I texted my sister about it, she showed me an ornament she received from her mother-in-law just before she gave birth. An ornament doesn’t have to be too costly, but it so sweet and will always remind me of this Christmas just before my little baby was born.

  1. Mama Shirt/Sweatshirt

As soon as I was pregnant, I wanted one of these shirts. I am so proud of being a Mama that I love to wear my shirt all the time.

There are so many amazing companies on Etsy that make things like this. You can even search Instagram for some amazing companies that make these as well.

When I started seeing people I follow wearing the “Mama Collection”, I suddenly wanted to purchase things. I was totally influenced but this brand is legit. The clothes are so soft and they are made in London, Ontario.

  1. Pretty By Her – To Make Her Laugh

I also found this amazing company on Instagram and soon fell in love with everything that Kelly makes.  

If you know of someone pregnant, this is the ultimate card to get.

Kelly sells hilarious cards, mugs, candles, etc., that are the perfect gift. Her products aren’t just for Mamas and the quality of her products is amazing.

  1. Leggings

Finding the perfect legging is tough. For this reason, I am going to give you four brands that I see popping up again and again.

  1. Blanqui (more expensive but have heard it is worth the price).
  2. Lululemon Align (people swear by these).
  3. Aerie Leggings (over the past month I have fallen in love with everything from Aerie. These are the leggings that I bought and they feel so soft. I love these so much so watch for sales (especially when they are 50% off).
  4. Old Navy Compression Leggings (people say amazing things about these as well).

I never thought I’d be the person in leggings all the time, but here I am. Don’t worry – I wear really long things to make sure my butt is covered at all times).

Leggings are just perfect to wear (especially for pregnancy/postpartum) because your body is constantly changing and so many times things don’t fit. You also want to be comfortable during pregnancy because your body is going through so much. Buy an oversized sweater (or sweatshirt, tunics from Old Navy, etc), and you can still feel pretty while having so little control over your body.

So hopefully those suggestions can really help people. Is there a product you loved but don’t see it listed? Please place it below in the comments because then everyone can see what you have written.

I also tried to make this a top 10 list but couldn’t narrow it down.

Thank you again for all of your support throughout my journey. It has been so lovely connecting with so many of you through Facebook, Instagram, or via the comments on here. 

I will be taking the next two weeks off to really enjoy the holiday with my friends and family and will be returning January 5th. By then, I am sure that I will have many stories to tell you.

Little Health Update:

In terms of my little one, he is 3.5 lbs and is measuring perfectly at 31 weeks (he is in the 50th percentile). He is kicking like crazy but I don’t mind it at all (well at least so far). My pregnancy is really starting to feel real especially because during my research ultrasound this week, I got to see his face. So crazy. I wasn’t sure if he looked like an alien or cute baby so I just went with a cute baby. When I sent the picture to my sister she said “well that is something.”

In terms of my health, I am finally feeling better. I usually have two appointments per week and my gestational diabetes is completely in check. So far, all of my numbers have been good and they don’t think I will have to go on insulin throughout my pregnancy.

I have been told that I will either go into labour or have my induction by Feb. 19th 2020 (because of gestational diabetes). I have no idea what waits ahead but I am trying my best to go with the flow.

I am also not throwing up anymore which is AMAZING. I just feel nauseous every morning and have still been sleeping a lot. I make sure to go for walks every day and my sciatica continues to get better. Seeing a chiropractor and booking massages have really helped my sciatica which is incredible.

My OB still won’t allow me to go back to work because it triggers my spotting, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, nausea, high blood pressure, vasovagal (fainting) episodes, so I am still at home relaxing as much as possible. Being home has been the greatest gift because although I am bored as hell, it has allowed me to really put my baby and my health first.

Wishing everyone an amazing holiday and a Happy New Year! 2020 is going to be one amazing year!

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