I am Probably in Labour Right Now

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

How fitting is it that I am being induced on the day when my blog comes out every week?

*Please note that I wrote this on Valentine’s Day because I knew that I would be too busy on Feb. 16th to write a blog.

My last appointment with my OB was on Feb 12th and went really well. My OB gave me the choice of just waiting until my induction on Sunday or having a “stretch and sweep.” For the stretch and sweep, the doctor tries a little trick (won’t go into graphic details) in hopes of causing a woman to go into labour.

“It is not always effective” my OB said. “If it were, we would never have to induce anyone ever and as you know, that is simply not the case.”

“If you think I should do it, I am in” I said.

Twenty minutes later, I was called in for the second time to see my OB and within seconds, I was done.

“But that didn’t hurt” I said.

“Sometimes it can be really painful. I guess yours was not painful” he said. “I also need to tell you that if you have your baby on the weekend, I won’t be the one to deliver your baby. I am at a conference so I wish you the absolute best.”

I knew this could happen and now I am wondering which OB I will have. Have built up this relationship with Snelgrove so I was sad to hear that he would be at a conference (but totally understood why he would be away).

I was going to hug him and say goodbye but felt he might find me incredibly awkward. 

Instead, I just told him how thankful I was for his help and for his care while I held back tears. 

I went back out to the admin assistant and thanked her and all of the incredible staff giving them muffins and donuts. Once again, I fought back tears.

“It’s going to be so weird not seeing you every Wednesday” said Celine (Snegrove’s assistant). “You were one of our favourite patients.”

I LOVED being their patient! They were the kindest people. Please note that EVERYONE at Mount Sinai has been the absolute best.

She was right though.

Things were going to be so different. 

Since the beginning of my pregnancy and with all of my complications, I had about one appointment a week from the start of my pregnancy to the end of my pregnancy.

I hated goodbyes and graduations but I was experiencing this so much along the way.

After about 50 fertility appointments, I graduated from Mount Sinai Fertility and moved to Mount Sinai. After a number of appointments, I graduated from Mount Sinai’s High-Risk Clinic to Mount Sinai’s Low-Risk Clinic. Now, I was graduating from the clinic entirely and my next stop was going to be Mount Sinai Hospital on the 15th floor where I would deliver my baby.

It’s amazing to me how much these medical professionals become part of your life. You see them all of the time and then it just goes from 100 to zero. How does one say “thank you for giving me the greatest gift of life” yet “bye, see you never?”

I don’t want to leave Sinai and I can only imagine how much I am going to bond with the amazing labour and delivery nurses when having the baby.

Have heard that inductions can take a long time (sometimes between 24-36 hours). These medical professionals are about to see me at my most vulnerable state and I am completely in their hands. It is so scary. This also means even more bonding time and I can only imagine how incredibly kind and supportive they will be.

So if you are reading this after 10:00 a.m., I have either had a cervical ripening (It sounds so gross) or I have been given Pitocin. If I have had a cervical ripening I get to go home and wait like crazy to go into labour. If I get Pitocin, my induction should be a little faster.

The next time you hear from me, I am going to be a Mom!

Can’t wait to update you soon! As soon as everything is good, I will be posting pictures of the little one on Facebook and on Instagram. My hope is to also have some pics and a blog post for next Sunday as well.

Thank you for all of your well wishes.

A miracle is about to happen.

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