Hello From Max!

It took me one week to write 3/4 of a blog post and I still couldn’t get it out for Sunday.

To be honest, it is a HUGE deal if I can take a shower yet alone write a blog entry.

Writing has been so therapeutic for me and has allowed me to connect with so many people.

This blog has had 24,508 views and 14,244 visitors which has been absolutely amazing.

My goal was to write this blog to show women that they can do this on their own and to explain the process in becoming a Single Mother by Choice to anyone who wanted to learn about it.

More blog posts will be coming. They are just going to become a little more scattered – perhaps once per month so that I have time to really devote to a solid blog entry instead of something that is really rushed.

Thank you for reading this blog and it honestly amazes me that so many people have read this.

I will continue writing on Instagram and will continue to post any new entries on Facebook under “Sarahseekingbaby.” Please also know that you can subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss the next entry.

Looking forward to writing the next blog which will be out within the month.

Thanks again for all of your support,

Sarah xoxoxoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Hello From Max!

  1. Hey Sarah, First of all Max is absolutely gorgeous. I will meet him soon I hope. You do need to space out your blogs right now. Time is in short supply and self care is only second to Max care right? Take good care. I am sure I will see you on FB and Insta soon.
    Much love,


    1. Thanks so much. You will meet him so soon. One of the things I am looking most forward to when the virus is over is having Max meet amazing people! You are so right about self care. You are one amazing woman. So proud of you and the videos you have been posting encouraging people to be active.


  2. As a fellow solo mom I’m inspired and in awe of you and what tou went through to bring Max into your life! Izzy and I enjoy following your progression and hopefully one day we can get them together!!


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